Wim Wenders, Places, Strange and Quiet: 12 Postcards by Wim Wenders

''When you travel a lot, and when you love to just wander around and get lost, you can end up in the most unusual spots...I don't know, it must be some sort of built-in radar that often directs me to places that are strangely quiet, or quietly strange.''

Wim Wenders - artist, actor, writer, and one of the most successful contemporary filmmakers around - has assembled a fascinating series of large-format photographs taken from 1983 to the present day in countries all over the world. A small selection of Wenders's photographic oeuvre, ranging from his iconic exteriors and buildings to the impressive panoramas, is offered in this set of twelve postcards.


12 postcards in a set

German, English


12.40 x 18.30 cm

ISBN: 978-3-7757-3444-8


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