Sislej Xhafa, Sislej Xhafa Lost and Found

Published on the occasion of lost and found, Sislej Xhafa’s exhibition for the Pavilion of the Republic of Kosovo at the 57th Venice Biennale, this new book offers a comprehensive overview of the artist’s practice to date. With almost 100 colour plates, the publication covers works from the last 20 years and includes an introduction by Valon Ibraj, Commissioner of the Kosovo Pavilion, preface by curator Arta Agani and an essay by Jeremy Sigler.

Born in Peja, Kosova in 1970, Sislej Xhafa is known for works that could be described as ‘actions’ or conceptual strategies which challenge cultural stereotypes, preconceived prejudices and institutional structures. He once stated: ‘Reality is stronger than art. As an artist I do not want to reflect a reality but I do want to question it.’ Xhafa’s consistent pursuit is to find the human element in inhuman conditions and his daring, minimalist approach to the concept of a national pavilion addresses issues that have concerned Kosovo for so long, and yet which are increasingly global, ‘With lost and found I want to highlight human dignity, justice, and transparency towards the processes of rectifying injustice. lost and found is about interaction, silence, and presence; it is about living memory and about challenge.’


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